What is Dink Point Pickleball all About?


Pickelball may have been invented in 1965 at Joel Pritchard's home on Washington's Bainbridge Island near Seattle, but most of us didn't learn about this amazing sport until over 55 years later. Since the popularity of pickleball has exponentially grown recently, Dink Point Pickleball was created to be the best source for anyone playing or interested in all things Pickleball. Take advantage of our directory of pickleball courts, league and tournament search, creation, and management, tutorial videos, articles for both beginners and advanced, and free registration for new players.

We'll keep you up-to-date on major rule changes, professional PPA and MLP news feeds and live scoring, large pickelball events, and more. 

So pick up a paddle and join others like you to search for new courts, players, tournaments, and leagues near you. Let's play pickleball together!